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Packaging as an Adventure

Unwrapping Experience

Like every aspect of Zirb the Austrian Alps are at the heart our concept. Our packaging is no exception with only natural resources, regional manufacturing and zero waste. The only thing left after enjoying the mystery of the different components in your box is the instructional flip book, place alongside all the other items  which are immediately reusable, allowing for an environmentally conscious, guilt free experience.


The Box itself could be gifted to a friend. The solid and stylish unit replaces a one-way packaging system and can be reused as a long-term storage space or even integrated into decoration. The box is sealed with wax and twine ensuring the precious contents are exclusively opened by the receiver.


The unique flip book is our exciting alternative to an instruction manual. A more dynamic and fun way to enjoy the mystery of your Zirb experience; including information on build-up, application and the story behind our company and its origins.


The contents of your Zirb box is hand wrapped in Tyrolean sheep wool- an environmentally friendly alternative for plastic packaging. This precious natural resource is collected on the regional hill pastures. The wool acts as cushioning and will protect your Zirb until the box is opened. It then goes on to become the filling for the pillow case which contains your Zirb curls and becomes your very own Austrian Stone Pine pillow.


Your Zirb coils will arrive in a pillow case. Once this pillow case is filled with the wool, you have created your own Austrian Stone Pine pillow. You can add a few drops of Austrian Stone Pine essential oil every now and then if you wish to further enhance your scent experience.

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