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Build Up

Water Bowl
The Water Bowl gives the Zirb the ability to increase room humidity.  Simply fill the water bowl to approximately 5cm and place it in its wooden base. The water consumption of your Zirb and Zirb Curls works as a humidifier to support your health, for example by easing the symptoms of a cold and other respiratory problems.

The moist air soothes cracked lips and dry sinuses, problems caused by breathing in dry air. You can create or enhance a similar effect by occasionally sprinkling water onto your Zirb Curls.

The Fan
The Fan system in a Zirb can vary with the model you own. Zirb Fans can move between 20-70m3 (of air) per hour. This allows the carved heartwood shavings of the Austrian Stone Pine to not only filter the air but also release a pleasant natural scent into the room.

The Zirb Fan is inaudible for humans unless within a 1m radius, even the best listeners willl sturggle to here the Zirb Fan as it is still very quiet and almost inaudible. Larger models such as the Zirb.Mountain run 3 fans simultaneously to combat its purpose as a larger unit. The three units are connected together with spring-contacts.

Zirb Oil

Our oil receives the same level of care as the rest of our product. After being extracted from the hand cut Austrian Stone Pine branches and distilled from 80% pine needles, it is of the highest quality and brings the heart of the Alps into your home.The oil is specially designed for functioning perfectly without dripping or leaking in conjunction with your Zirb and its patented formula gives an additional scent boost which lasts for up to two months.

Zirb Curls

Every Zirb Curl is carved from the heartwood of Austrian Stone Pine trees and act as the heart of your Zirb.  You can maintain a high scent intensity of your Zirb by regularly replacing your curls. A Zirb unit can therefore continue to deliver great results and maintain performance for many years.

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