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Austrian Stone Pine

Why We Love It 
Austrian Stone Pine is probably one of the most precious timbers in the alps, and coming from a background in high-end saunas we appreciate the aesthetics of the timber from its beauty to its properties. Austrian Stone pine trees themselves are usually between 200-400 years old but some of the oldest in the Mountain ranges can reach up to 1000 years old. This immediately puts a huge value onto the timber and a respect for its natural resilience.
Its natural resistance is remarkable with trees growing 2,850m above sea level and surviving the harshest conditions. A Zirb isn’t crafted from your average stock grade timber, its bringing multiple years of alpine history into your product combined with its modern design to really give your Zirb a sense of worth.

Occurance&Stock Protection

 We are not the only market who crave the various positive aesthetics of Austrian stone pine with it being used in the hotel, spa and design industry. The world is becoming more health conscious. Sleeping and living rooms are being regularly kitted out with this precious material. Swiss stone pine does however grow very slowly and to ensure sustainability there are stock control laws already in place. As well as limits on the use of the timber, every year roughly 130,000 new stone pine trees are planted and grown locally to our partners in Austria.
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